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Executive Management

Mercers ConsultingsInternational Position Evaluation (IPE) are in use by a vide range of international operating companies to compare positions across job families and organisations, anywhere in the world.

Michael Vedde have over the past 20 years worked closely with Mercer Consulting on the issues of job grading and performed 3 global evaluations and alignment exercises for the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group (with more than 100.000 employees)

Assistance with job grade review will require the proper licences to make use of Mercer Consultings’ IPE, and the consultancy work may include one, several, or all of the following elements:

Identification of value chain and sizing of organisation
In order to execute an external alignment the organisations comparative size will be established based on the organisations value chain elements, the overall revenue and people number.

Executive levelling and anchoring
The exercise is started with identifying the size of the executive positions and their relative impact to the company. A full roll out and alignment will require that the concept and benefits across the organisation is presented and anchored with the Management group.

IPE job evaluations across the businesses
All relevant business and staff functions are interviewed, and based on job requirements and learning plans each position is evaluated based on the same objective criteria.

Functional Alignment
To ensure a correct and fair application of the system an alignment process is conducted across all businesses and functions, as well as towards Mercer Consultings' more than 2,000 pre-calculated positions. This process – and the full anchoring of the system – is based on peer group discussions involving both line and functional managers.

Full roll out: Training, Implementation, Anchoring
In connection with a full roll out and to ensure the right implementation and anchoring with the business and local HR, MVE Human Resource Consultancy/Michael Vedde will assist with training plans for managers and the HR Function.

Title structure design (Corporate vs Functional titles)
From experience it may be beneficial to incorporate a corporate title structure (and possible benefit plan) based on the IPE alignment, while local functional titles can continue to be based on the structures and norms in the local environment.

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